Research Support Assistant, YPFS

Detailed Job Listing:

job family: Clerical and technical  

STARS Requisition: 53831BR
University Job Title: Research Assistant 2 HSS
Department Job Title: Research Support Assistant, YPFS

Grade: D

Position Focus: 

Reporting to the Director, The Global Financial Crisis Project & Senior Editor, Yale Program on Financial Stability (YPFS), the Program Specialist will be a key resource in assisting YPFS in implementing several strategic projects including the YPFS Research Library, the GFC Project, the Journal of Financial Crisis, and New Bagehot. The Program Specialist will be an integral part of the YPFS team and will be expected to become familiar with YPFS content, programs and mission. Responsible for monitoring and maintaining the quality and functioning of all existing and future YPFS web-based elements, the predominant way that YPFS content is accessed by users globally, and ensuring that processes remain efficient and effective through ongoing testing and process refinement. This role will interface across all YPFS personnel and projects and will assist in ensuring that the various YPFS needs are met in an effective and coordinated manner that aligns with the program’s key priorities and initiatives.

Essential Duties: 

YPFS Research Library & GFC Project: Assist in the development and implementation of YPFS digital archives (the YPFS Research Library) and other web-based projects, including, the GFC Project, and the Journal of Financial Crisis.

  1. Review, upload, and catalog resources to be included in the YPFS Research Library.
  2. Use excellent judgement in defining taxonomies to ensure data accessibility and reuse.
  3. Assist in developing repeatable procedures and processes to ensure the long-term integrity of data and assets stored in the Library.
  4. Perform periodic audits of the data to ensure accuracy and relevancy.
  5. Raise issues and concerns and make recommendations that would improve the usefulness and value of the Library. ​​​​​​
  6. Train and oversee the contributions of student interns performing Library-related tasks.
  7. Act as a quality check for ensuring uniformity of process across all interns/inputs.
  8. Track and communicate progress of all Library projects.
  9. Create online study guides, bibliographies and indexes of documents in collaboration with research assistants.
  10. Assist YPFS staff in developing online curricula and resources in support of the GFC Project.

New Bagehot Project: Assist with the implementation of New Bagehot as it relates to other YPFS assets, including quality assurance testing, documentation, and training.

  1. Play a key role in the success of the New Bagehot “playbook” platform by assisting with its integration and launch.
  2. Perform quality assurance testing and monitors functionality to ensure the system operates as designed.
  3. Serve as the primary point of contact and oversee resolution of support issues (either through direct remedy or triage with SOM IT and/or others).
  4. Raise issues to YPFS personnel for correction/enhancement.

Technical Interface: Act as the key YPFS resource for monitoring and maintaining all web-based functions and digital archives across all YPFS programs and initiatives.

  1. Monitor YPFS websites and data acquisition processes for proper functioning.
  2. Raise issues to YPFS personnel for correction/enhancement.
  3. Coordinate with YPFS personnel and YSOM IT on fixes/enhancements to functionality.
  4. Develop plans for expansion of YPFS digital archives and online materials with use assistance of YPFS personnel and YSOM IT. Manage and report on such plans to completion.
  5. Act as project leader for quality assurance and digital improvement projects.
  6. Resolve or escalate issues in an appropriate and timely manner.
  7. Develop, prepare, and deliver training on YPFS digital presence as needed.
  8. May perform other duties as assigned.

Required Education & Experience: 

Two years of related work experience in the same job family and a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Required Skills & Abilities: 

  1. Experience in data entry, data management, database management or creating and maintaining digital records or archives. Experience with website design and content management systems. Proficiency with, Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, MS Office, Word, and PowerPoint. Demonstrated ability to learn new software programs.
  2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Demonstrated ability to think analytically, good organization skills. A strong team player, as well as individual contributor, proficient at effectively managing multiple simultaneous projects/tasks. Ability to train and oversee student interns in proper procedures and processes to be efficient in completing assigned tasks.
  3. Self-directed; able to follow through on instructions with minimal supervision. Demonstrated ability in leading initiatives/projects to completion. Ability to work successfully in a fast-paced and changing environment. A high level of adaptability and flexibility.
  4. Demonstrated exemplary customer service skills; experience effectively resolving issues. Ability to spot issues and suggest solutions.


Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Business, Political Science or a related field. Experience and interest dealing with matters related to economics, government, financial markets, policy, law, and or global financial crises and related documentation types; significant class work may be sufficient to demonstrate. Experience with quality assurance testing, including developing test cases, implementing testing procedures, and using issue tracking software. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Planning and reporting skills; including attention to detail, information organization and tracking. Global orientation; experience working across countries and regions, and fluency in more than one language.


  • Customer Service Focus – Listening carefully to and understanding customers’ needs and proactively responding to those needs in a consistent and timely manner.
  • Teamwork/Communication – Working cooperatively to achieve common goals. Support cooperation, collaboration and the sharing of information.
  • Product Excellence – Provide the best quality product available and continuously upgrade standards to maintain quality.
  • Leadership – Provide direction and motivation to others through communication, modeling appropriate behavior, optimism and high achievement.
  • Innovative – Openness to new ideas and their implementation. Ability to react and adapt to changing situations appropriately.
  • Strategic Thinking – Recognize opportunities, identify critical, high pay-off activities and prioritize them to attain goals.

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