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Student Perspective on Recruiting

The Yale SOM CDO has been gathering insights and data in an effort to best advise employers on how to build meaningful strategies for successful hiring outcomes.

The Student Perspective on Recruiting shares what we’ve learned and is meant to be a useful guide for both seasoned and first-time employers at Yale SOM. 
According to students, successful recruiting is: 
  • Inclusive throughout the process - for  actionable recommendations, refer to the Yale SOM Employer Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

  • Informative at every step, leveraging email, web content, and flyers to make processes and contact information accessible and referenceable 

  • Interactive to engage with students and avoid talking at students - consider sharing presentations in advance to encourage Q&A during engagements 

  • Interpersonal so both students and employers can get to know each other through breakout rooms, coffee chats, etc.