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SOMPost September 2022

What We're Excited About

On-campus recruiting has brought great energy – and lots of learnings – to Evans Hall this year. New this week is the elimination of the mask mandate in classrooms. This brings new opportunities for catering and hosting events in Evans Hall (and prompted the delay in issuing SOMPost this month).

If you are planning to visit Yale SOM in person, we welcome you! Please visit our website for the current Visitor Policy, catering resources, and more.

Hiring? Don't Miss This!

The 2023 MBA Summer Internship Resume Book released earlier this month. Now, all who have a free employer account in 12twenty have access to this in addition to the resume books for All Graduating Students and for Asset Management students seeking school year internships

If you don’t have your free 12twenty account yet, it only takes a few moments to create one.


Don’t rely on former recruiting and marketing tactics and expect the same results this year.

The 2+ year hiatus of in-person recruiting broke behavioral norms and expectations. Employers relying on the old approach of “schedule an event and they will come” are not seeing the student registration numbers of the past. Conversely, employers putting energy toward connecting directly with students are seeing those efforts yield more success than in the past.  

The next few issues of SOMPost will highlight tactics that we see working at Yale SOM.

This Month's Tactic: 

Use resume books to identify students of interest, then directly invite these students to schedule informational interviews, attend events – including in-person events, and/or apply for roles. Ideally personalize the outreach – in one “retro cool” example, alumni at one organization set up a phone bank to call students!  

This extra effort upfront is driving great results because:

  • Employers break through the “noise” of the busy fall semester with direct outreach overlaying mass marketing
  • Employers jump-start valuable interpersonal connections with target students
  • Students love to feel the love of employers, and respond!

All three resume books in 12twenty have filter capabilities to fine-tune for your target audience. Results can be downloaded in multiple file formats to create email distribution lists, to share resumes with colleagues, and more. Reach out to your Employer Partnerships Manager with questions or for support.

Key Dates

Fall 2022 | Consulting Firm Spotlight Series - a joint effort between the CDO and the student-led Consulting Club 

Oct 14 | Exams for graduating students (no full-time recruiting)

Oct 17-20 | Exams for first-year MBA students and break for graduating students (no recruiting)