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Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A fundamental aspect of our teaching and scholarship in the organizations and management group is a commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. This broad commitment is reflected in the research conducted by members of our community and by our teaching and mentoring practices, which champion respect for the unique qualities of the groups and individuals that comprise our faculty and graduate program.

Our efforts to achieve, maintain, and promote this mission are ongoing and conducted in concert with similar efforts across the School of Management  and Yale College. The specific goals that we pursue involve all aspects of our scholarship, mentoring, and service. Faculty and graduate student members of our community conduct research that seeks to: better understand the roots of societal inequalities; encourage and promote the development of scholars from underrepresented backgrounds (including but not limited to gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability status, socioeconomic status, and religion); and engage in service that seeks to monitor and challenge bias within and outside of our institution.

 Our Thoughts on Diversity and Inclusion

“Diversity and policing are intimately linked. Procedural justice training helps police officers develop empathy, detect and counter implicit bias, act from a place of neutrality and respect regardless of their biases, etc. In our research we also emphasize the usefulness of gender and racial diversity in policing.” – Rodrigo Canales, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

“Our group runs a yearly summer internship program designed to support students who are  historically underrepresented in academia in their pursuit of a doctoral degree. The intent of the program is to provide the training and information students from nontraditional backgrounds need to make graduate school a real possibility. The mentoring we do in the internship is among the most meaningful parts of my job.” –Michael Kraus, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

“From the questions we ask to the perspectives we elevate, diversity and inclusion are central to the work that I do (as a graduate student in our department). This shows up in the way we recruit participants for projects relevant to their lives and the way we approach research with an orientation toward advancing a more equitable society.” – Jun Won Park, Doctoral Student

“In our program I get to work on topics that are personally important to me as a first-gen Latina graduate student, like how social class cues can bias hiring processes. I feel like my work is impactful and that makes a huge difference for keeping me motivated and excited about research when things are challenging. My mentors are also supportive and understanding and I always feel energized about my work after meeting with them!” – Brittany Torrez, Doctoral Student

“I teach about the structure and management of team and organizational processes that intend to best leverage diversity and inclusion of all voices in collaborative work.” – Amy Wrzesniewski, Michael H. Jordan Professor of Management

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If you would like to learn more about our efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, please contact members of our diversity and inclusion committee:

Faculty Member: Michael Kraus
Doctoral Student Member: Brittany Torrez
Staff Member: Robert Bartholomew

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