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Student Clubs & Groups

Our student clubs are an integral part of the Yale SOM community. Clubs provide forums for discussion and opportunities for action, and they foster students' leadership and business skills.

*Clubs vary in their mission and focus. GBS students can join all clubs listed immediately below in the Student Clubs and Groups  section and can participate in select events hosted by the professional clubs;  however, given the professional clubs’ primary focus on MBA-level recruiting, formal membership in these clubs is restricted to MBA and MAM students.

Student Clubs and Groups

Adam Smith Society 

Club Leaders: Kostiantyn Lukianets,  Daniel Klein, Katharina Obinger 
Contact: club-adamsmithsociety@yale.edu 

Africa Business and Society

Club Leaders: Ha-andza Young, Ifeanyi Okafor, Justin Schulte, Azure Pallay 
Contact: club-africabusinesssociety@yale.edu

Arts and Culture

Club Leaders: Michael Nock, Caroline Reeve, Andrew Mulherkar, Flora Irving 
Contact: club-artsculture@connect.yale.edu

Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students 

Club Leaders: Camille Kafati, Fernando Balzaretti, Felipe Cuconati
Contact: club-latinla@connect.yale.edu

Black Business Alliance

Club Leaders:  Luc Fleurival, Ayanna Charles, Clyde Hunt 
Contact: club-bba@som.yale.edu

Business & Politics

Club Leaders: Fernando Balzaretti, Elle Brunsdale 
Contact: club-businessandpolitics@connect.yale.edu 

Case Competition

Club Leader: Bilal Jahangir, Mustafa Edhi 
Contact: club-casecompetition@connect.yale.edu

Christian Fellowship

Club Leaders: Valerie Djie, Justine Schulte, Jose Pulido, Addison Genebacher 
Contact: club-christian@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Yu Sian Tan, Shelby Layne, Owen Yang, Ryan Li, Devin Kasper 
Contact: Club-Entrepreneurship@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Ender Tinker, Michael Klingl, Ayberk Yilmaz, Manuel Berger 
Contact: club-european@som.yale.edu

Fit for Thought 

Club Leaders: Brian Cuccinelli, Steven Tran, Carlos Pena 
Contact: club-fft@connect.yale.edu 
Sub Group: Graduate Rugby Football Club 
Group Leaders:
Jeff Raffoul, Michael Fishman 

Food and Wine

Club Leaders: Andy Knauer, Jose Pulido, Kin Lam, Marco Pizzitola 
Contact: club-foodwine@connect.yale.edu

Global Social Enterprise

Club Leaders: Elle Brunsdale, Manuel Berger 
Contact: club-gse@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Chris Miller, Trevor Dodds, Andrew DeTrempe 
Contact: club-golf@yale.edu

Greater China

Club Leaders: Leo Chen, Olivia Shen, Alina Zhao, Clive Ye
Contact: club-greaterchina@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Addison Genebacher, Trevor Dodds, Shane Drangel, Megan Ananian, Holland Finley 
Contact: club-hockey@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Murozono Takahiro, Hiroki Ebihara, Shiro Kawana, Ryo Moriyasu 
Contact: club-japan@connect.yale.edu

Jewish Students Association

Club Leaders: Sara Salzbank, Tali Warburg, Haim Haviv 
Contact: club-jewishassoc@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Hae Jun Park, Jihong Kim, Taeha Chun 
Contact: club-korea@connect.yale.edu

Net Impact

Club Leaders: Christopher Wang, Annie Jeong 
Contact: club-somnetimpact@connect.yale.edu 

Nonprofit Board Fellows

Club Leaders: Paul Kim, Matt Haimowitz, Michael Giuliano 
Contact: club-nonprofitbf@connect.yale.edu

Out Of Office (LGBTQ+ Student Club)

Club Leaders: Lucas Silva, Katherine Cole, Emily Auerbach 
​Contact: club-outofoffice@yale.edu 


Club Leaders: Mary Pulido, Ilaria Domenicano, Ritu Whig, Samantha Schulte, Prem Chandrasekaran 
​Contact: sompartnersclub@gmail.com

Public Speaking

Club Leaders: Kin Lam, Jonathan Yehosef 
​Contact: club-pubspeak@connect.yale.edu

Responsible Investing 

Club Leaders: Kin Lam, Christina Whatley, Ashu Khetan 

Silver-Haired Scholars 

Club Leaders: Chris Cutrona, Dan Moccia-Field, Sarah Mandlebaum 
​Contact: Coming Soon!

Ski & Snowboard

Club Leaders: Ryan George, Susannah Burrage, Megan Cain 
​Contact: club-skisnow@connect.yale.edu

Social Impact Consulting

Club Leaders: Michael Giuliano, Michael Klingl, Kei Shao Tikkanen, Greg Chung 
​Contact: Club-ONC@connect.yale.edu

SOM Crew

Club Leaders: Santiago Zindel 
​Contact: club-somcrew@connect.yale.edu

SOM United Soccer

Club Leaders: Thairo Arruda, Michael Klingl, Cliff Sakutukwa, Joao Lacombe 
​Contact: club-soccer@connect.yale.edu

South Asia Club 

Club Leaders: Bilal Jahangir, Aiswarya Ravi, Arifa Alam, Udit Rastogi 
​Contact: club-sabf@connect.yale.edu

Southeast Asia

Club Leaders: Wen Jun Wong, Selina Ong, Wiwit Kiat, Steven Tran 
Contact: club-southeastasia@yale.edu


Club Leaders: Nick Bayer, Dan Bitner, David New, Will Ryan 
​Contact: club-veterans@connect.yale.edu

WiLD (Wilderness Leadership Development)

Club Leaders: Kathy Meek, Abigail Martin, Kathryn Sierks, Jackie Ball 
​Contact: Coming Soon 

Women In Management

Club Leaders: Gillian Leitch, Flora Irving
​Contact: club-wim@som.yale.edu

Yale Grad Crew 


Yale Grad Rugby 

Club Leaders: Michael Fishman
Contact: club-fft@connect.yale.edu

Professional Clubs

Formal membership in these clubs is limited to MBA and MAM students, select events may be open to GBS students.

Business & The Environment

Club Leaders: Santi Zindel
Contact: club-environment@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Vivian Nguyen, Jordan Thomson
Contact: club-consulting@connect.yale.edu

Design and Innovation

Club Leaders: Jackie Ball,  Sarah Weng, Cyndi Chen
Contact: club-designinnovation@connect.yale.edu

Economic Development  

Club Leaders: Alexandra Lauzon,  Rachel Sommer,
Contact: club-econdevelop@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Phil Ross, Ryo Moriyasu
Contact: club-education@connect.yale.edu 


Club Leaders: Zach Ratner, Amanda Faulkner, Andrew Mulherkar, Greg Chung
Contact: club-energy@connect.yale.edu

Finance Club 

Club Leaders: Mark Bosse,  Alfredo Marcos, Joe Chao
Contact: club-finance@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Mark Perelman,  Akshay Rao,

General Management 

Club Leaders: Lucas Silva,  Mustafa Edhi,
Contact: club-gm@connect.yale.edu

Healthcare and Life Sciences  

Club Leaders: Paoro Yin-Blair,  ,
Contact: club-healthcarelifesciences@connect.yale.edu

Human Capital & Organizational Performance Club (HCOP) 

Club Leaders: Nate Silver, Lauren Motzkin 
Contact: club-humancapital@connect.yale.edu

Internship Fund 

Club Leaders: Irene Koo, Giovanni Cruz 

Contact: club-ifund@connect.yale.edu

Marketing Club 

Club Leaders: Grace Myers,  Ethan Prizant, Natalie Panno, Nancy Chen 
Contact: club-marketing@connect.yale.edu

Media and Entertainment  

Club Leaders: Bianca Rodriguez ,  Matt Bakal,
Contact: club-mediaent@connect.yale.edu

Private Equity & Venture Capital Club  

Club Leaders: Ryan George,  Grant Silow, Mario Ruiz
Contact: club-privequity@connect.yale.edu

Real Estate 

Club Leaders: Paraj Tyle
Contact: club-realestate@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Jessica Harpole
Contact: club-retail@connect.yale.edu

Technology Club

Club Leaders: Amy Zhu,  Race Wright, Valentina Domeq
Contact: club-tech@connect.yale.edu

Student Government

President: Christina Whatley 
​Contact: studentgov@yale.edu

Academic Affairs

MBA Chair: Gokul Madhavan  ‘19, Guadalupe De la Cruz ‘20

MAM & MMS Chair: Zachary Savarie ‘19


Chair: Uma Krishnan ‘19, Miya Sharpe ‘20

Alumni Affairs

Club Leaders: Jesse Aronica ‘19, Michelle Kwon ‘20

Career Development

Chair: Vinay Kanchanapally ‘19, Abigail Doeksen ‘20 

Clubs and Finance

Chair: Ha-andza Young  ’19, Arkadiy Chapko ‘20
​Contact: studentgov_clubsfinance@yale.edu

Equity and Inclusion

Chair: Mariah Minigan ‘19, Daniel Egol ‘20

Communications & Marketing Chair

Chair: Aarshiya Chaudry ‘19, Rebecca Baehr ‘20
Voices: Hannah Stonebraker, Florian Kogler 

Student Life

Chair: Alyxandra Hopkins ‘19, Eric Rivera ‘20

Technology and Operations

Chair: Susannah Burrage ‘19, William Vanderbilt ‘20

Cohort Representatives

Blue: Nate Silver ‘19, Reeve Harde ‘20
Green:  Lauren Motzkin ‘19, Sarah Graf ‘20
Gold: Alex Kasavin ‘19, Erik Portillo ‘20
Silver: Adrianne Eby ‘19, Katharine Cattanach ‘20
Red: Joe Rigodanzo ‘19, Amanda Hathaway ‘20
Orange: Daniel Reshef  ‘19
Purple: Olivier Viel  ‘19

Graduate and Professional Student Senate Representatives

MBA Senators: Jaime Totti, Kathryn Julik-Heine

MAM & MMS Senator: Diana Zhao 

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