The ‘Raw’ Case Approach

Learn to operate in fast-moving global organizations.

The Yale integrated curriculum teaches management in an entirely new way, drawing on the complexities of real business challenges to inform broad-reaching discussion and analysis. We needed pedagogical materials that could support this demanding approach to business education. Hence the Yale "raw" case.

Rather than boiling a complex situation down to a 10-page narrative and a single decision point, raw cases present you with extensive data about a real situation, often including video interviews with some of the key actors. By design, the case contains more information than you can digest on your own, so you'll work in small teams to sift through data, news reports, and interviews, and then build your analysis.

The Yale School of Management also develops cases in collaboration with other schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management, which increases our global reach and depth of understanding of various social, political, and cultural contexts.

This unique, open approach accomplishes two primary goals:
  • It teaches you to think broadly when approaching a new problem.
    • It teaches you to excel in fast-moving and complex global organizations.

Learn More about Yale Cases

Can a Company Maintain Environmental Standards and Stay Competitive?

A 2013 case developed collaboratively with the National University of Singapore Business School, a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, looked at pressures for both profitability and environmental stewardship in the palm oil industry.

Can an Established Institution Keep Innovating?

The Mayo Clinic is one of the most respected healthcare institutions in the world. In the early 2000s, the clinic tried an experiment in design thinking to try to improve the healthcare experience--and patient outcomes.