Our Courses

In addition to completing the integrated core curriculum, Yale MBA students choose from hundreds of courses at SOM and throughout the university. Electives provide deep immersion in a subject, taught by leading researchers or practitioners at the forefront of the industry.

The Financial System

Housing and the Financial Crisis

Students get the opportunity to learn from top thinkers in their field, such as  Prof. Robert Shiller, who won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Real-Time Analysis

Each semester, students in the Security Analysis course produce industry and company valuation reports and guides.  

Understanding Terrorism with Statistics

In an excerpt from his Policy Modeling class, Prof. Edward Kaplan walks through how statistical models can clarify questions about the best ways to fight terror plots.

Restructuring a Company

Henry Miller, chairman of Marblegate Asset Management, gave students in Corporate Finance, taught by Heather Tookes, an introduction to the art of financial restructuring. "The two elements that are behind every restructuring are fear and greed," Miller noted.

Building a Mission-Driven Enterprise

Linda Mason '80, the co-founder of Bright Horizons, spoke to students in Leadership, Organization, and Human Resources in Mission-Driven Enterprises, a course taught by James Baron. "Our culture is our most important business asset," she said.