Our Integrated Curriculum

You need to understand in detail how organizations and markets work. But you also need to develop the broad awareness and elevated perspective to see how business decisions affect complex systems—from a company to an industry to an economy.

Yale SOM classroom

How do you learn to spot the microscopic, but critical, detail and see the big picture?

The Yale SOM core curriculum is unique in how it ties together the pieces of a business school education into a meaningful whole. We teach the fundamentals, such as CAPM and net present value, but at the same time, the series of first-year courses is carefully planned to build your understanding of the whole organization, eventually building to big questions of business's impact on society. Unlimited elective choice from throughout Yale University further enables you to pursue intellectual interests and develop habits of inquiry and analysis that will benefit you as a leader.

We believe that this way of thinking will be an essential advantage to you as you take on increasingly complex challenges in your career.

  • Orientation to Management

    A series of foundational courses teaches you the skills and language you will need in any career in business and management.

    Managing Groups and Teams Modeling Managerial Decisions
    Basics of Accounting Introduction to Negotiation
    Probability Modeling and Statistics Basics of Economics
    Global Virtual Teams  Power and Politics

  • Organizational Perspectives

    Courses that look at how organizations really work with their many constituencies. Drawing on expertise from all the traditional business school disciplines, these courses teach you what you need to know to lead a thriving organization. Many of the class sessions are co-taught by faculty who bring diverse perspectives to the questions under discussion.

    Competitor Customer
    Investor Sourcing and Managing Funds
    Employee Operations Engine
    The Global Macroeconomy Innovator
    State and Society The Executive

    Classroom Videos

    Professors James Choi, David Bach, and Frank Zhang team-teach a session of The Executive course.

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  • Global Study

    Yale SOM students must complete a Global Studies Requirement. This could mean taking the International Experience course, through which students spend ten days in an overseas location important to understanding the global economy, a Global Network Week (a week-long mini-course hosted by one of the member schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management), an online Global Network Course (virtual courses in which students work with a global team to look at a cross-national business problem), or other approved electives that involve international travel and study.

    All of these options help you learn to think about the growing effect of global commerce on organizations.

  • Electives

    Starting in the first year and throughout the second year, Yale MBA students take elective courses, building specialized expertise and exploring areas of professional interest. You can choose from courses at SOM and at other graduate and professional schools throughout the university, creating the opportunity to build a slate of skills based on your own leadership goals.

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    Classroom Videos

    Professor Andrew Metrick describes how the 2008 financial cataclysm has created a new economic reality.

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