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Cascades of Gratitude

By: Christina Mainero November 26, 2014

Part I: The Challenge … Your task: Use the paper clip and undertake a series of trades with the intention of getting something bigger and better.  You can do whatever you wish.  You have one paper clip.  Those are the constraints. See what you and your partner can trade up for by Monday at 5 pm. Document your trades and we’ll see where we all end up once we meet again next Tuesday.

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A Student-Faculty Collaboration on Talent in the Social Impact Sector

By: Nate Wong June 27, 2014

After working at Acumen this past summer, I was left with questions about talent in the social impact sector (or purpose-driven talent) and how companies can connect social impact to talent development. I had conversations with Professor Kate Cooney, who specializes in social enterprise and...

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In Memoriam: Bill Drenttel

December 30, 2013

It is with great sadness that the student leaders of the Design & Innovation Club, on behalf of all students at SOM, write about the passing of William Drenttel, former Senior Faculty Fellow and Social Enterprise Fellow at the Yale School of Management.  He passed away on December 21st after battling brain cancer for over a year.  He was 60 years old.

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