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Cascades of Gratitude

By: Christina Mainero November 26, 2014

Part I: The Challenge … Your task: Use the paper clip and undertake a series of trades with the intention of getting something bigger and better.  You can do whatever you wish.  You have one paper clip.  Those are the constraints. See what you and your partner can trade up for by Monday at 5 pm. Document your trades and we’ll see where we all end up once we meet again next Tuesday.

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GSE: A Bamboo Bike Ride With A Social Enterprise

By: Rafael Scott Torres March 21, 2014

I believe that the program in Global Social Entrepreneurship (GSE) truly embodies the school mission of educating leaders in business and society. When I decided to come to SOM, I knew I wanted to try things that were beyond my comfort zone, and as someone with no previous experience with social enterprises, the GSE program has given me a hands-on and highly rewarding opportunity to provide pro bono consulting to a social organization in the developing world.

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