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Posts categorized "Yale University"

Procrastinating at Yale: Endless Possibilities Outside the Classroom

December 2, 2013

Here, at Yale SOM, you feel the constant struggle to decide when and where your time is best spent. However, once in a while your mind needs to wonder off, and think about something else other than schoolwork and recruiting. That is the time when you realize you are a student at Yale and the possibilities are endless.

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Where Business Meets Society

October 13, 2013

In observance of the inauguration of Yale President Peter Salovey, Yale University threw open its doors this weekend with special events and festivities for university affiliates as well as the greater public. While most of the second-year MBAs were out of town for fall break, my Monday flight meant that I could join my friend from the School of Public Health in exploring the campus Open House today.

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