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A truly international MBA or... the way you make it

By: Georgi Marin July 4, 2008

It has been almost two months since I left SOM for the summer. I spent the first month+ being lazy in Bulgaria – sleeping late, traveling, partying, good stuff. I was probably one of the last few of my class to start an internship – just last week. I will spend the summer in London and since I came here it has been 90% sunny days, contrary to expectations.

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My kinda town

By: Georgi Marin March 24, 2008

No, it is not New Haven. :) I spent my spring break in Chicago and only now that I am back to New Haven I have the time to think about it. Beautiful weather - freezing temperatures, windy all the time and a snow storm to send me on my way last Saturday! So far so good - I remembered my college...

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Just before the break

By: Georgi Marin March 5, 2008

It is the week of finals and it is the week after which 3/4 of my first year will have passed. Time goes by pretty quickly here. February was the International Month at Yale SOM. I had the opportunity to present my country's history and typical food to the SOM community. Monday through Wednesday...

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A crazy Fall...

By: Georgi Marin December 5, 2007

I meant to write sooner, but next year you will understand why I did not. :))) In the meantime, I attended 20+ investment banking presentations, survived one set of exams, played in a football MBA tournament that Yale hosts each year, made a healthy return (16%) in a simulated stock market game...

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