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From the Assistant Dean for Admissions: Thinking About the Application Process

With the Round 2 application deadline a little less than two months away, many candidates are turning in earnest to their Yale SOM applications.

To help you as you work on your application, we are hosting two upcoming online events. At the Online Reception, happening next Wednesday, November 18, I will give an overview of our MBA program and a panel of current students will discuss life at Yale. The Online Application Tips Panel on December 10 will provide a closer look into the admissions process. I and other members of the committee will offer candid insights into submitting a strong Yale SOM application.

Both of these panels should be of interest as you prepare your Yale SOM application; the second panel in particular will provide very useful advice on submitting your application. In advance of these two events, I want to offer two quick pieces of broader advice:

  • Consider the MBA a starting point, not a finish line. Many applicants I speak with view admission to an MBA program as the culmination of years of focused effort, the end of a long process. But realizing that the MBA is just one step in a larger professional career provides important perspective.
  • Embrace the process of self-discovery. Applying to business school involves a great deal of introspection and thoughtfulness. Invariably, students tell me that they learn a great deal about themselves during the admissions process. The outcome is important, but enjoy and embrace the process itself.

Here’s one last, more tactical piece of advice before next month’s Application Tips Panel: If you haven’t done so already, reach out now to potential recommenders to ask them to write recommendations on your behalf. Giving them plenty of time can make a big difference in the quality of the recommendations.

We hope this advice is helpful. Best of luck!

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