Yale School of Management

Student Clubs & Groups

Our 50-plus student clubs are an integral part of the Yale SOM community. Clubs provide forums for discussion and opportunities for action, and they foster students' leadership and business skills via consulting engagements, workshops, roundtables, conferences, and fundraisers.

*Clubs vary in their mission and focus, and therefore not all clubs may be open to students from all programs.

Student Clubs and Groups

Adam Smith Society 

Club Leaders: Aykhan Huseynov, Will Morsch 
Contact: club-adamsmithsociety@yale.edu 

Africa Business and Society

Club Leaders: Ross Harris, Yuwa Ikhinmwin, Adeodoyin Lawal, Chinaelo Okafor 
Contact: club-africabusinesssociety@yale.edu

Arts and Culture

Club Leaders: Kaitlyn Gilliland,  Michaela Khalfayan, Kendra Nealon, Stephanie Park , Emma Ye
Contact: club-artsculture@connect.yale.edu

Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students 

Club Leaders: Guillermo Barnes,Malisa Castro,  Jon Ormaechea, Matias Reyna 
Contact: club-latinla@connect.yale.edu

Asian American and Pacific Islander Association

Club Leaders: Julie Chang, Grace Liu Happ,Carrie Law

Black Business Alliance

Club Leaders:  Markea Dickinson, Brian Nwachukwu,  Miya Sharpe, Wale Williams
Contact: club-bba@som.yale.edu

Business & Politics

Club Leaders: David Chen, Tony Cisneros, Helen Knight, Ann Tobias
Contact: club-businessandpolitics@connect.yale.edu 

Case Competition

Club Leader: Sonali Gosain
Contact: club-casecompetition@connect.yale.edu

Christian Fellowship

Club Leaders: Temi Ashiru, Andrew Graf, Xiao Wang, Parker Werline 
Contact: club-christian@connect.yale.edu

Data Analytics

Club Leaders: Aviel Ettin, Andrew Graf, Graham Picard, Garrett Sider

Contact: club-dataanalytics@yale.edu 

Startup and Entrepreneurship

Club Leaders: Meryl Breidbart, Max Dworin, Nitya Kanuri, Evan Oleson, Diana Toma, Weiyu Wang 
Contact: Club-Entrepreneurship@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Sara Ackermann, Sven Heinzelmann, Amaliya Safiyeva,  Ben Storrs,
Contact: club-european@som.yale.edu

Fit for Thought 

Club Leaders: William Morsch, Evan Oleson, Michael Bang, Christianne Bianca Lontac
Contact: club-fft@connect.yale.edu 

Food and Wine

Club Leaders: Carol Cui, Jasmine Torres
Contact: club-foodwine@connect.yale.edu

Global Social Enterprise

Club Leaders: Elizabeth Davidson, Bryan Fike, Sarah Hallowell, Jordan Woll
Contact: club-gse@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Diego Acosta, Daniela Chona, Frank Shaw
Contact: club-golf@yale.edu

Greater China

Club Leaders: Jack Rong, Pengbo Wu, Yichen Zheng, Eric Zhou 
Contact: club-greaterchina@connect.yale.edu


Club Leaders: Jake Garrett, Sam Millham, Brian Ruwe, Ann Tobias, Haley Trost
Contact: club-hockey@connect.yale.edu

Impact Investing 

Club Leaders: Vincent Caruso, Alex Chen, Alexandra Sing

Contact: club-impactinvesting@yale.edu 


Club Leaders: Kazuhiro Haruyama, Mamiko Ishii, Takahiro Konaka, Ryohei Suzuki   
Contact: club-japan@connect.yale.edu

Jewish Students Association

Club Leaders: Emily Turner 
Contact: club-jewishassoc@connect.yale.edu

Korean American Business Association

Club Leaders: Michael Bang, Juwon Lee 
Contact: club-korea@connect.yale.edu

Net Impact

Club Leaders: Song Kim, Vicky Zhang 
Contact: club-somnetimpact@connect.yale.edu 

Nonprofit Board Fellows

Club Leaders: Meredith Dworkin, Song Kim, Tanya Sharma 
Contact: club-nonprofitbf@connect.yale.edu

Out Of Office (LGBTQ+ Student Club)

Club Leaders: Alejandro Alonso, Giovanni Cruz, Alexandra Sing 
​Contact: club-outofoffice@yale.edu 


Club Leaders: Claudia Alonso, Evelyn Correa de Azevedo, Hansol Lee, Rachel Peranzi
​Contact: sompartnersclub@gmail.com

Public Speaking

Club Leaders: Andrew Foody, Tyler Knobbe, Elliott Moreno, Garret Sider, Wale Williams
​Contact: club-pubspeak@connect.yale.edu

Silver-Haired Scholars 

Club Leaders: Chelsea Cai, Preethi Hittalmani, Andrea Sugano 
​Contact: club-shs@yale.edu

Ski & Snowboard

Club Leaders: Charlotte Suelau, Parker Werline 
​Contact: club-skisnow@connect.yale.edu

Social Impact Consulting

Club Leaders: Nirvi Desai, Nupur Kala, Rahel Lefsky, Yuliana Onopriyenko 
​Contact: Club-sic@connect.yale.edu

SOM Grad Crew

Club Leaders: Nick Peranzi
​Contact: club-somcrew@connect.yale.edu

SOM United Soccer

Club Leaders: Vibhav Agarwal, Lino Conroy, Sean Kelly, Ben Storrs
​Contact: club-soccer@connect.yale.edu

South Asia Club 

Club Leaders: Nirvi Desai, Kunal Jain, Lisa Joseph
​Contact: club-sabf@connect.yale.edu

Southeast Asia

Club Leaders: Dao Le, Raymond Lusida,Thu Ra, Wira Ramanto
Contact: club-southeastasia@yale.edu


Club Leaders: Eric Etsey, Katie Kettering, CJ Lee
​Contact: club-veterans@connect.yale.edu

WiLD (Wilderness Leadership Development)

Club Leaders: Tony Cisneros, Clara-Ann Joyce, Siddharth Rao, Katie Sierks
​Contact: Coming Soon 

Women In Management

Club Leaders: Temi Ashiru, Christine Liaw
​Contact: club-wim@som.yale.edu

Yale Grad Rugby 

Club Leaders: Ross Harris, Sam Kitara, Tony Senanyake 
Contact: club-fft@connect.yale.edu