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Edirin Aghoghovbia ’19

MBA: IE Business School

I came to Yale for the Master of Advanced Management program because I wanted to take my business skill sets and that cross-cultural work and go deeper into the energy sector. Last semester in my Corporate Environmental Management Strategy class, I was able to work on a personal project: how to decarbonize the Nigerian electrical grid. Edirin Aghoghovbia ’19

Noora AlSharhan ’19

MBA: IE Business School

The Master of Advanced Management program has allowed me to learn the skills necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing fintech landscape. When I’m among my MAM classmates, I am able to see their different approaches to business through the lens of their cultures and understand how to see the world through their lens. Edirin Aghoghovbia ’19

Rajashree Guthe ’19

MBA: IE Business School

When you’re with your other MAMs in the cohort, you form these tight-knit bonds that you know will go well beyond your time at SOM. It’s easy to ask for help or say, “Hey, when I come visit your country, can you host me?” It’s a normal part of the experience and something I’ve loved about it.Rajashree Guthe ’19

Hernan Gomez ’19

MBA: EGADE Business School

I want to be an intrapreneur. I want to be able to say that I was someone who played a part in changing the way companies approach these problems. I enrolled in several classes at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, like corporate environmental management and sustainability finance. You’re in the classroom and realize that you’re learning about the research just as it’s finished, and then you’re in a position to go and apply it to the sector when you graduate. You’re set up to be the leader and expert in the newest fields when you leave SOM, and that is definitely an advantage.Hernan Gomez ’19

Ying Pang ’18

MBA: NUS Business School
Post-MAM Position: BCG Singapore

At Yale SOM, faculty and staff show a genuine interest in helping you become a leader in both business and society. Not everything may seem immediately related to your career, but the topics have an impact on your thinking and approach as a whole person.Ying Pang ’17

Nithin Sebastian ’18

MBA: HEC Paris
Post-MAM Position: Management Associate, Amadeus

When you come to Yale, you get exposed to opportunities you were not even aware of. When I came into the program, I was keen to pursuing a career in strategy consulting. As the year progressed, I found a more suitable fit for myself in the Leadership Development Program at Amadeus. I was able to leverage SOM’s resources and the alumni network to prepare myself for the interviews.Nithin Sebastian ’18

Vicki van der Westhuizen ’18

MBA: HEC Paris
Post-MAM Position: Senior Business Analyst, Jembi Health Systems NPC

The MAM has helped me to think about the bigger picture. At SOM, the rest of Yale comes to you. I’ve had classes where I sat alongside students from the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Public Health, and others; this provides a cross-campus experience and different perspectives on how to approach different types of problems. Vicki van der Westhuizen ’18

Thomas Mehl ’17

MBA: University of Cape Town
Post-MAM Position: Cape Almonds & Folium Capital

When I wanted to dig a bit deeper into natural resources, I discovered the MAM: the perfect opportunity to augment the MBA by adding a year at Yale to specialize in forestry-related subjects that I knew would be vital for my career. I had worked on investing in natural resources for an Ivy League university endowment, but I appreciated that I needed to know more about the timber and forestry industries Thomas  Mehl ’17

Dan Edoma ’17

MBA: IE Business School
Post-MAM Position: Business Development Lead, East Africa, Segovia

The Master of Advanced Management was a gateway to new opportunities for me. It provided me with a global perspective, but also a way to look at topics through a local lens. Dan Edoma ’17

Philippa Smit ’17

MBA: Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town
Post-MAM Position: Strategic Analyst, South Africans Against Drunk Driving

Taking Yale classes outside SOM blows your mind. You think, “At SOM, I have this incredible selection, but wait, here’s more!” Philippa Smit ’17

Cecibel Arias ’17

MBA: EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey
Post-MAM Position: Strategic Analyst, South Africans Against Drunk Driving

If I have the opportunity to take full advantage of an experience, I do it. Every lunch, I go to different club meetings and see different speakers. Everyone knows the academics at Yale are great—and that’s why I applied, and I love it—but I didn’t expect this other half, of activities and networking. I didn’t know there would be all these incredible guest speakers from companies all over the U.S. Cecibel Arias ’17

CK Chu ’17

MBA: Fudan University
Post-MAM Position: Worldwide Material Program Manager, Apple

I took a lot of courses which shaped my mind and the way I think, like Corporate Responsibility, Global Leadership, and Market Strategy. They made me realize that today’s global leaders should think past the business strategy. They should grasp global risks and trends, and strive for a cross-cultural environment. I think I can use a lot of things I learned from here and try to implement them at Apple. CK Chu ’17

Tiago Santos Cruz ’17

MBA: Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), São Paulo, Brazil
Post-MAM Position: Procurement Manager, Procurement Leadership Development Program, Johnson & Johnson

In the end, I chose to go back to my home country, but I had to come to the United States to be able to recruit for my position in Brazil. That’s how Yale opens doors. Tiago Santos Cruz ’17

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