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Recent MAM Student Profiles

Claudia Martinez ’16

MBA: EGADE Business School
Post-MAM Position: Sales Excellence and Strategy Manager, Microsoft

Engaging with your peers at Yale SOM builds awareness, and those values that everyone brings to the table shapes your definition of what it means to be a leader. Claudia Martinez ’16

Adebayo Alonge ’16

MBA: Lagos Business School 
Post-MAM Position: Boston Consulting Group – Nigeria

At Yale, you have access to networks within networks. As an MAM, I have access to not only Yale, but also to the Global Network for Advanced Management, which has provided me with a chance to expand my network beyond Nigeria and Africa. Adebayo Alonge ’16

Niall Randles ’16

MBA: UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business 
Post-MAM position: Senior Associate, Operations and Finance Team at New York Green Bank

I’m in a classroom with 63 people from very diverse backgrounds. When we work together, we learn what makes each other tick, what makes us excel as individuals, and how best to work together and execute projects. Niall Randles ’16

Cian O'Dowd ’16

MBA: Renmin University of China 
Post-MAM position: E-Commerce Commercial Manager, Digicel Group; Commercial Manager, RedBarrel.com

One thing I’ve learned about myself at Yale SOM is that I excel when I’m with a strong team.Cian O'Dowd ’16

Rodolpho Campos ’15

MBA: FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo
Post-MAM position: General Motors

The MAM program has provided me an opportunity to expand upon the leadership skills I developed at FGV. We are 60 students from 29 countries who discuss, interact, and gain perspective from each other.Rodolpho Campos ’15

Annie Chor ’15

MBA: IE Business School
Post-MAM position: World Economic Forum

The MAM has been the capstone to my MBA experience. I’ve been able to analyze my finance skills and translate how I can implement them in the social impact space.Annie Chor ’15

Zahi Shahar ’14

MBA: Technion
Post-MAM position: Amazon.com

In today’s economy, you need more global perspective than just talking on the phone with people.Zahi Shahar ’14

Ivy Liu ’14

MBA: National University of Singapore
Post-MAM position: Founder, Wizmi Online Education Trading Service

Cultural differences may seem like a challenge at times, but here they are one of the greatest assets.Ivy Liu ’14

Aditya Sinha ’14

MBA: IE Business School
Post-MAM position: Senior Associate at PwC, New York

Yale helps you leverage relationships the university has with organizations to realize your career aspirations.Aditya Sinha ’14

Andrea Zapata ’14

MBA: EGADE Business School
Post-MAM position: Co-founder, Art Club

When I first came here, I had some ideas for businesses relating to art, but I wasn’t really clear on where to go from there. That’s the thing about the MAM: it connects you to support for your ideas.Andrea Zapata ’14

Juan Melendez ’14

Post-MAM position: Citibank

I’m taking a venture capital class with people from all over the world. You get to see people from different backgrounds react to situations, to questions, to problems—how they think.Juan Melendez ’14

Yvonne Paintsil ’14

MBA: University of Ghana Business School
Post-MAM position:  

I intend to go into entrepreneurship at some point, leveraging the experiences I’ve had to help improve the livelihoods of people in Africa.Yvonne Paintsil ’14

Vivian Li ’13

MBA: Renmin University
Post-MAM position:  Founder, Candy Kids Learning Center

Club speakers have opened my eyes to how much the venture capital model could help entrepreneurs in ChinaVivian Li ’13

Max Tellini ’13

Post-MAM position: Intese Sanpaolo

Yale SOM’s mission is to develop leaders for business and society, and I believe that climate change is a benchmark issue and it calls for a collaborative solution, collective action for change.Max Tellini ’13

Juan Cogorno ’13

MBA:  INCAE Business School
Post-MAM position: Visa

The MAM program offered a great way to expand my business network while studying at Yale and taking advantage of its incredible resources.Juan Cogorno ’13

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