The Student Experience

Distinctively global, distinctively Yale.

MBA graduates of business schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management seeking a globally engaged and intellectually curious community find a home at Yale SOM. Here, MAM candidates hail from every geographic region and professional sector. As part of the broader Yale community, MAM students enjoy access to experts and thought leaders across the sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. Each student has the opportunity to select a diverse array of electives from across the University. The Yale campus convenes renowned leaders, visiting speakers, and those with global perspectives to advance the understanding of the opportunities and challenges of a global society. 

Our Community

Enjoy candid conversations with  business and political leaders. Glean tips on how to promote innovation within your organization from executives in cutting-edge industries. Participate in a colloquium on leadership with a high-ranking military commander. Meet with fellow students to plan a conference that focuses on the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. Take a course in art history.

All of these opportunities—and more—are available to you in the Master of Advanced Management program.

Yale University
Edward P. Evans Hall
New Haven

Our Campus

Completed in 2014 and situated at the north end of the Yale campus, Edward P. Evans Hall serves as the locus for the SOM community. State-of-the-art classrooms, meeting rooms that encourage community-building and knowledge-sharing, and a deliberate, innovative design scheme contribute to a student experience that is distinctive to Yale.

Student Groups & Clubs

Yale SOM boasts more than 40 student groups and clubs. Develop invaluable connections to the MAM and full-time MBA community by working together to plan a major academic conference; work on your professional development alongside industry peers; play a game of hockey; or share an appreciation for food and wine. 

Featured Student Blog Post

Finding New Roads

Mr. Douglas Houlihan, a 30-year old veteran for General Motors Company (GM), and its current Executive Chief Engineer and South America Product Leader, recently took time from his busy corporate agenda to share with the Master of Advanced Management (MAM) cohort some of the anecdotes and lessons that illustrate what it means to live a life of continuous innovation.