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Leadership Through Art: Three Perspectives from MAM Orientation

By: Amy Kundrat August 21, 2014

The art was really an instrument for self-reflection because something in the piece would make you tell a story from your own life, while standing in front of the group. We started the process of giving and getting feedback from the nitty gritty – like you’re shuffling on your feet –...

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Trip to Asia

By: November 13, 2013

I had a great trip to Asia last week where I had the chance to visit five Global Network schools in five days to give presentations on the MAM program.  My travels took me to HKUST in Hong Kong, AIM in the Philippines, UI in Jakarta and INSEAD and NUS in Singapore.  As much as I enjoyed meeting with prospective MAM candidates, the highlight of the week was seeing two alumni from the MAM Class of 2013. 

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Breakfast in Africa, Lunch in Europe, and Dinner in America

By: Aldo Sales Saud November 4, 2013

One week seems like a really limited time when you need to prepare a group presentation for a finance class, a colloquium with an important speaker for the club you are leading, an exam worth 25% of your final grade, a coffee chat with the recruiter of the company you dream to work with and to clean your apartment. But it is not, when you think about visiting four different countries in three different continents. Then, your time optimization ability improves.

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