Women's Leadership Program, Yale Center Beijing

Join forces with Yale to improve your leadership skills, build your network, and prepare for a successful transition to senior leadership by earning the Yale Women’s Leadership Program Certificate.



March 8 – 10, 2019 | ¥53,000 RMB
The program fee includes some meals and all course materials
LOCATION  Yale Center Beijing


Xiuling Li
Email: xiuling.li@yale.edu

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Women face unique challenges in the workplace but they also add unique value and perspective. They shatter groupthink, improve communications dynamics, and reinvigorate companies in ways that make them more competitive. Research shows companies with a critical mass of top-team gender diversity enjoy significantly better financial performance.

Yale experts will lead a wide range of interactive and experiential sessions proven to enhance women’s leadership behaviors. Participants build awareness of decision-making biases, develop skills to create high-performing teams, negotiate win-win outcomes, manage crises, understand corporate governance, and create a strong personal brand.

Participants leave connected to a Yale network of women who share a passion for leadership and the Women’s Leadership Program Certificate delivered by the prestigious Yale.

Who should attend?

Women executives across business, government, and non-profit preparing for the next level, or who are new to senior management. Women family business professionals preparing for responsibility as CEO or senior management.

[VIDEO] Hear from past participants on their experience at the Yale Women’s Leadership Program.
  • Curriculum

    Day One: Getting Leadership Perspectives

    • Why Great Leaders Put Safety First: Establishing Trust in Teams
    • Perspective Taking & The Lost Art of Listening
    • Leadership Development for Women: Becoming Your Best Self
    • Leading Change from Within: The Psychology of Personal Change

    Day Two: Influence & Negotiation for Women Leaders

    • Harnessing the Principles of Work Motivation
    • Problem Framing:  Reframing Challenges
    • Gender & Negotiations: Getting to Yes Collaboratively
    • Negotiator Mindsets: Friendly Aggression

    Day Three: Decision Making and Communication

    • From Autocrat to Advisor: Decision Making For Leaders Part I
    • From Autocrat to Advisor: Decision Making For Leaders Part II
    • Interpersonal Dynamics I: Handling Difficult Conversations
    • Interpersonal Dynamics II: Expert Listening Skills

    Post-program: Suggested for further development:

    • Register in a Women On Board database
    • Implement brand marketing and management strategy
    • Executive coaching development goals implementation
  • What to expect
    • Lead enterprise-wide gender diversity: Better understand and explain the quantitative and qualitative benefits of diversity to gain support for change.
    • Sharpen decision-making skills: Lead growth, manage crises, drive growth through innovation, and make better decisions.
    • Elevate your leadership skills: Gain different styles to adapt to an individual’s, team’s, or company’s situation.
    • Build a professional brand strategy: Articulate your value proposition and create a career strategy to support your goal to work in senior management.
    • Get certified: Every participant in good standing will receive a frame-ready Yale Women’s Leadership Program certificate to show the world your training.
    • Connection to Yale: Build your network with leaders across China and the world as you join the Yale family.
  • Faculty
    Faculty Director: Amy Wrzesniewski
    Professor of Organizational Behavior
    James N. Baron
    William S. Beinecke Professor of Management
  • Registration



    Program dates coming soon | ¥52,000 RMB
    The program fee includes some meals and all course materials
    LOCATION  Yale Center Beijing


    Xiuling Li
    Email: xiuling.li@yale.edu

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