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Yungun Hong ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2024, Management Science Concentration


Seoul, Korea


South Korea

Undergraduate Institution and Major

Korea University, Media & Mass Communication

Pre-MBA Industry

Tech, Product Manager, Samsung Electronics

Internship Organization

Consulting, McKinsey & Company

Clubs and Affiliations

Consulting Club, Technology Club, Korean American Business Association

What is your favorite class at Yale SOM? Briefly describe why.

Of course, I have to recommend 'Intro to Negotiation,' one of the core courses. This course is a short four-week program with only four classes, but it was a valuable opportunity to learn various insights that I had not learned before. I think it will be particularly helpful for those who have a vague fear of negotiation and have not had direct experience with it. If you understand clearly how to create value through negotiation and how to share it with your counterpart, it will be enormously useful for your entire life. If your schedule allows, I recommend taking the advanced negotiation course that follows for four weeks after this course. You can practice the concepts you learned in the first four weeks and even deep dive into salary negotiation! Yale SOM offers plenty of other courses that I want to recommend, so I suggest exploring them if you have the opportunity.

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