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Yesowl Jung ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2024


Seoul, Korea


South Korea

Undergraduate Institution and Major

Korea University, Business

Pre-MBA Industry

Consulting, Associate Consultant, Bain & Company; Impact investing venture capital, Investment Manager, D3 Jubilee partners; Private equity, Investment Manager, Oasis Equity Partners

Internship Organization

Private Equity, Investment Manager, Stratosphere PE

Clubs and Affiliations

Private Equity/Venture Capital Club, Impact Investing Club, Arts and Culture Club, Data Analytics Club, Korean Club

Leadership Positions

Private Equity/Venture Capital Club, Leader; Impact Investing Club, Leader

What is your favorite class at Yale SOM? Briefly describe why.

Operations Engine. I loved this class where I learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

Contact Information (she/her/hers)

Talk to me about...

Being a first generation college student, moving to New Haven with a partner, and living in the United States for the first time.