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Wataru Takahashi ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2024


Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan



Undergraduate Institution and Major

Hokkaido University, Agricultural Economics

Master's Degree Institution and Major

Hokkaido University, Bio-systems Sustainability

Pre-MBA Industry

The Norinchukin Bank, Finance

Internship Organization


Clubs and Affiliations

Impact Investing Club, Investment Management Club, Food, Agribusiness, and Beverage Club, Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, Japan Club

Leadership Positions

Japan Club Co-President

Tell us about your International Experience trip. Where did you go? What was your favorite experience?

My International Experience in Uruguay far exceeded my expectations, as it was filled with an abundance of marvels and discoveries. Starting from a pre-trip discussion with Uruguayan Vice President Beatriz Argimón, we were privileged to have in numerous sessions with the founders and executives of top companies, where I was able to gain unique insights and learn from real-world examples. Witnessing the commitment and resilience of these management professionals, as they took risks to navigate Uruguay's fast-growing business environment, left a lasting impression on me. I was struck by the scene where impromptu small discussions, involving even the founders, occurred in Q&A sessions as if we had been in a classroom; which made me think that it was a perfect representation of the characteristics of Yale students, brimming with intellectual curiosity. I also enjoyed visiting the famous Bodega Garzón Vineyard to learn about sustainability, watching a soccer game to cheer on Professor Lorenzo Caliendo's favorite team, and spending evenings with my classmates, and discussing our experiences while watching the sunset on the beach and gathering around campfires. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that truly embodied the phrase "Study Hard, Play Hard."

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Being a first-generation college student