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When Timothee Memmi ’18 arrived on campus for the MBA for Executives program, he expected to learn skills that would help him to contribute to his company. He knew he would benefit from Yale’s world-class expertise. But he hadn’t planned on his two years at Yale fundamentally changing the way he looks at business.

Memmi says it was “humbling” to realize how much he had to learn, both from faculty and his classmates. It wasn’t enough just to approach a problem through the marketing lens he’d been using for the past decade, he realized. Instead, he found, the best solutions come from taking the perspectives of all stakeholders.

That broader understanding had an immediate impact on his work. “What I learned over the weekend, I could apply to work on Monday,” he says. “Right away, I was more productive.”

We spoke to Memmi in 2018, when he was senior director, strategy and insights, at Rémy Cointreau.

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