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Tengfei Ma ’17 profile photo

Tengfei Ma ’17


Post-MBA Position: Associate, McKinsey & Company

I’m passionate about working on digital projects that will help transform industries and drive larger impacts, especially in Asia. During my internship at Google, I learned that Singapore has the highest mobile phone penetration, 91%, and the highest YouTube viewership rate is in Vietnam. Digital is playing a huge role in this region, and it’s impacting how industry and how business models work. Google gave me the opportunity to work with clients to develop digital marketing solutions that look at inefficiencies and how we can improve them. I got to participate in real-time projects, and I enjoyed having a client-facing role, talking to the clients and solving problems for them. 

The elective courses at SOM offer such a broad selection, and there’s a real focus on personal improvement. If you want to improve your presentation skills or your persuasive skills, there are courses for that. If you want a broader understanding of how marketing and finance works, there are courses for that. There are no limits. Electives helped me develop some of the more specific skills I’ll need. International Entrepreneurship was particularly good. It was taught by Raymond Chang, who founded the first broadband internet company in Asia. He shared a lot of stories and a lot of cases from the emerging markets, and how different business models worked. We looked at which models are successful and why. The case-based discussions deepened my understanding of how startups need to function.

I’m going to be working full-time for McKinsey, in their digital consulting practice. It’s the perfect fit for me and for what I want to do. I’ll be helping clients navigate digital transformations and use technology to solve problems and drive efficiencies. I’ve seen already how digitization can really save a company a lot of time and money. My new position is also based in the market I’m very excited about: broader Asia. I’ll be based in Singapore, but I’ll have the chance to travel to Beijing, southeast Asia, and also Australia.