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Solomon Benghan ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2024


Warri, Nigeria; Houston, Texas



Undergraduate Institution and Major

Louisiana State University, Mechanical Engineering

Pre-MBA Industry

Engineering & Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineer, Xciel Inc.

Internship Organization

Consulting, Strategy, Boston Consulting Group

Clubs and Affiliations

Africa Business & Society, Black Business Alliance, Consulting Club, Social Impact Consulting

What is your favorite class at Yale SOM? 

State & Society is one of my favorite classes at Yale SOM. I am interested in understanding the dynamics between business and society because I desire to make a sustainable impact in my community. In this class, Mushfiq Mobarak and Ian Shapiro did a great job capturing the dynamics and the impacts between the interaction of business and society through various case studies and data. I look forward to applying the lessons learnt from the class

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