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Sid Headshot

Sid (Sichen) Yu ’23


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2023, Concentration in Management Science


Beijing, China and Toronto, Canada



Undergraduate Institution and Major

University of Toronto, Commerce and Accounting

Pre-MBA Industry

Financial Services, Public Accounting, PwC

Internship Organization

Investment Banking, Bank of America

Clubs and Affiliations

Finance Club, International Students Committee, Real Estate Club, Hockey Club

Leadership Positions

Finance Club, Director

Why did you choose to attend Yale SOM?

My favorite class at Yale SOM is Global Macroeconomy. This class focused on the ISLM model and helped me build a solid understanding of the interactions between different economic forces. I also got to understand the mechanism of monetary and fiscal policy during economic recessions and was able to relate more to the current inflationary environment. News articles and references to real life scenarios were also extensively discussed during lectures to provide students opportunity to apply the knowledge.

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