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Samantha LaPierre ’22


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2022


United States

Undergraduate Institution and Major

Claremont McKenna College, International Relations

Pre-MBA Industry

Financial Services, PE/VC Investing, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Internship Organization

Financial Services, VC Investing, Goodwater Capital

Clubs and Affiliations

Private Equity/Venture Capital Club, Startup and Entrepreneurship  Club, Women in Management, MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT)

Leadership Positions

Leader, Private Equity/Venture Capital Club; Circle Leader, Women in Management 

Favorite Yale SOM Course

Modeling Managerial Decisions has been my favorite class so far at SOM. The course forces you to think critically about decision making from both a human psychological and a data-driven perspective. The course is co-taught by two of SOM's best professors, who force you to think about the process of decision making to improve outcomes.

Contact Information