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Raymond Mattioli ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2024


Pittsburgh, PA


United States

Undergraduate Institution and Major

University of Pittsburgh, Mechanical Engineering

Pre-MBA Industry

Transportation, Business Development Manager, IKOS Group

Internship Organization


Clubs and Affiliations

Yale Center for Customer Insights (YCCI) Discovery Fellowship, TSAI City, Social Impact Consulting Club, Net Impact Case Competition, Yale Grad Rugby, SOM Golf Club, Salsa Club, Student Life Committee at Large, Academic Affairs Committee, IEDL Teaching Assistant, CliMates

What is your favorite class at Yale SOM? Briefly describe why.

There is no better class at SOM than Innovator. With an ever-evolving core curriculum (thanks Academic Affairs!), certain classes are annually iterated to hit the happy equilibrium in content. Innovator has gone through such iterations over the years, and I feel that SOM has nailed it. The entire course revolves around questioning assumptions and thinking much more creatively than many of our other core courses that have narrow margins to correctness. We get to build out ideas that we think will work, no matter how much of a moonshot they sound, and pitch the ventures to the class as our final exam. I continue to find myself thinking "this is one of those quintessential things I came to business school for." Tristan Botelho is a great professor to learn from, and he supplemented the course with a variety of specialized guest lecturers, depending on the topic of the session. This is one to look forward to as an incoming student.

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