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Prerak Juthani ’22


Student Ambassador


MBA/MD with Yale School of Medicine, Class of 2022


United States (India, previously)

Undergraduate Institution and Major

University of California Berkeley,  Molecular Biology and Public Health

Internship Organization

Healthcare/MD, MBA Fellow, Geisinger Health System

Clubs and Affiliations

TSAI City Accelerator Program Cohort Member; TSAI City Launch Pad Cohort Member; Case Competition Club (Kellogg + Danaher Case Competition)

Leadership Positions

YouTube Content Creator; Red White & Brown Podcast (Co-Founder); REACT! - The Organic Chemistry Board Game (Co-Founder); HAVEN Free Clinic Senior Clinical Team Member

Favorite Yale SOM Course

MGT 404: Basics of Economics. I loved the fact that the course required no pre-requisites and still provided a foundational understanding of businesses at a basic supply/demand level.

Contact Information  (he/him/his)