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Penelope Headshot

Penelope Williams ’23


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2023


Wilton, CT; Boston, MA; Lexington, KY


United States

Undergraduate Institution and Major

Dartmouth College, Psychology & Chinese

Pre-MBA Industry

Communications & Healthcare, Decision Resources Group; Design & Innovation, Altitude at Accenture; Consulting, Accenture Strategy

Internship Organization

Consulting, McKinsey

Clubs and Affiliations

Student Government, Economies of Scale, Graduate and Professional Student Senate, Ask Me Anything Panels

Leadership Positions

Teaching Assistant for Marketing (MGT 505); Student Government, Senator; Business Students for Racial Equity, Co-chair; Ask Me Anything Panels, Co-chair; President Salovey's Campus-wide Mental Health Coalition, Committee Member; Orientation Leader

What is your favorite class at Yale SOM?

I loved the sessions of Competitor where we discussed anti-trust law and governance; I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did! It was fun to think about what constitutes a monopoly or oligopoly, when certain competitive strategies make sense, and seeing the formulas and logic behind firm behavior.

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