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Olivia Chen ’19

Olivia Shen ’19


Internship: Goldman Sachs

Before coming to Yale SOM, I worked in audit and transaction advisory in Hong Kong, but wanted to move more to the forefront of finance and pursue a career in investment banking. Upon acceptance to SOM, I connected with several alumni working in the industry to understand how SOM was instrumental in guiding their specific career transitions. Once I was here, there was a lot of help available for students who wanted to go into banking. The Finance Club prepared us for interviews, and I received great mentorship from the second-year students who had gone through the recruiting process and interned at different banks over the summer. The Career Development Office also organized professional development workshops throughout the entire process.

It was amazing to have so much help and support. I ultimately accepted an internship offer from Goldman Sachs and had an extremely fulfilling summer in China. Both the core curriculum and electives I took helped me to better prepare for my summer internship. One of the electives I took, Deals, was taught by a senior banker at Goldman Sachs. In this class I learned how social, regulatory, and political factors could impact the structure and execution of a transaction.

At Yale SOM, we have a very diverse community, with students coming from various backgrounds. But what really stands out is the inclusiveness that I feel at SOM. Because we’re from different backgrounds, we have different ideas, which sometimes leads to disagreements, but people here respect one another’s ideas and have a willingness to learn from different perspectives. That’s what makes SOM such a good place to learn.

I’m currently a co-chair of SOM’s Greater China Club. We have an extensive and robust alumni network in the Greater China region. Even those who graduated many years ago still feel strongly connected to the school. Alumni reach out to us with potential employment opportunities and are always willing to share their experiences with current students. This serves as testament to our place as the most international and diverse business school in the U.S.