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I started my career at Accenture in India working for a global financial services client. After a year, I transitioned into analytics consulting with LatentView Analytics, where I was given the opportunity to lead analytics and market research engagements for U.S.-based Fortune 500 clients in the retail and FMCG—fast-moving consumer goods—space. As my experience of working with global clients grew, I realized that I wanted an international career. I decided to pursue an MBA to launch myself globally.

One of things that attracted me to HEC Paris was how international the program is: I had classmates from all over the world, and the program had a plethora of international dual-degree options. My tenure at HEC helped me to see how my classmates tackled teamwork and other interpersonal interactions through their own cultural lenses. The Master of Advanced Management at Yale complemented my MBA by allowing me to do that even more while filling in the gaps from domains I’m less familiar with.

In the MAM, you can leverage all of what Yale University has to offer. One class might be lecture-oriented, while the next might be more analytical. Another might require you to participate more in discussions or work with a team. That was a good experience for me: Yale provided a safe space for me to work on my interpersonal dynamics.

I took a course at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs on effective states and failed states that really provided me with a framework for my thinking. We talked about places like Angola and Sierra Leone and how private-public partnerships might play a role. It gave me a sense of how you can effectively work across sectors to deliver services. It’s a type of class that I might not have considered when I was getting an MBA, but it made sense for the global consulting work I want to pursue after I graduate from the MAM.

When you come to Yale, you get exposed to opportunities you were not even aware of. When I came into the program, I was keen to pursuing a career in strategy consulting. As the year progressed, I found a more suitable fit for myself in the Leadership Development Program at Amadeus. I was able to leverage SOM’s resources and the alumni network to prepare myself for the interviews.

You never know the connections you’re going to make while you’re here. I had completed a summer internship with Coca-Cola prior to the MAM, where we discussed the company’s strategy for moving beyond soda and diving into new products inside the European market. I finished my internship on a Friday, and started the MAM on a Monday, and who was our speaker? Seth Goldman, the co-founder of Honest Tea, who sold his company to Coca-Cola. We managed to talk and even catch up a little bit about what they’ve been doing. That’s the kind of interactions that are available to you here, and they can lead to meaningful and genuine connections.