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Nikki Whang ’22


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2022


United States

Undergraduate Institution and Major

Duke University, Public Policy and Visual Arts

Pre-MBA Industry

Education, Teacher, TFA-Chicago Public Schools; Teacher, Uncommon Schools NY; Customer Success Manager, Workforce Learning, McGraw Hill

Internship Organization

Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

Clubs and Affiliations

Asian American and Pacific Islander Association; Tech Club; Design & Innovation; Education Club; Women in Management, Nonprofit Board Fellows; Social Impact Consulting; Consortium for Graduate Students in Management; Istoria

Leadership Positions

Co-Chair, Asian American and Pacific Islander Association

Why did you choose to attend Yale SOM?

I chose to attend Yale SOM because I felt that it was one of the few business schools that placed a real emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a person of color trying to be a leader in business, I knew that being in an environment where I would be supported and pushed to be my best self was the type of environment I needed to be in.

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