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Working as an engineer for a firm that sold risk management software to the oil and gas industry, I saw the importance of solving managerial and organizational challenges, not just the technical aspects I’d been focusing on. I wanted to gain management skills, and I wanted to make an industry hop into the clean energy space, so Yale SOM’s joint-degree program with the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies really stood out to me.

In the program, I’ve gotten an excellent introduction to business, while also exploring alternative energy sources that help mitigate the risks associated with oil and gas pipelines. The opportunities for learning that I’ve had across the Yale campus have been invaluable. I’m taking a course at Yale Law School on the ramifications of the Clean Power Plan, and I’m program manager for the Clean Energy Finance Forum, an online journal produced by the Center for Business and the Environment at Yale.

One course in particular, Financing Green Technologies, was absolutely critical to my internship at a renewable energy company last summer. Since my internship involved selling energy from renewable projects, I had to be able to really understand the financial models behind our products. The course was taught by Richard Kauffman, a Yale SOM alumnus who leads New York State’s green financing programs. There couldn’t have been a better custom-tailored prep, and I was blown away by the fact that someone like Richard Kauffman took the time to teach it.

Interviewed on October 7, 2015

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