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Laurie Cameron

Laurie Cameron ’16

MBA for Executives

Asset Management

Current Position: Portfolio Manager, Theta Trading

There are a lot of legends in financial markets and money management walking the halls of Yale SOM. Last week we heard David Swensen, Yale’s chief investment officer, speak. That’s a privilege few people get. 

I work in a very specialized form of money management, dealing with speculative or alternative investments. I came to SOM to learn how to manage the full breadth of a portfolio, how to fit the different pieces together and how to look at individual investments as part of the overall.

In the asset management track, we have students who bring very different backgrounds, some managing assets, some managing liabilities, and many managing private investments. We all get to learn from each other. And when you combine students from all three tracks—asset management, sustainability, and healthcare—the results can be amazing.

Insights sometimes come from unexpected places. In a statistics class, we analyzed figures from medical tests and their probability of indicating certain diseases. I quickly realized that the doctors in the class knew much more about probability and statistics than I did, and I’ve worked in financial markets for 30 years. Benefiting from the skill sets of people in other professions has been humbling, fascinating, and very enriching.

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