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Kieran Raphael ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2024


Richmond, Virginia


United States (primary), United Kingdom

Undergraduate Institution and Major

University of Virginia, French and Economics

Pre-MBA Industry

Investment Management, Analyst, Cambridge Associates; Economic Consulting, Senior Associate, TM Financial Forensics

Internship Organization

Renewable Energy, Solar Product Analyst, SolarKal

Clubs and Affiliations

Energy Club, Impact Investing Club, Hockey Club, MIINT, Racketsports

Leadership Positions

Impact Investing Club, 1Y Leader

Why did you choose to attend Yale SOM?

I literally googled "Best MBA for Nonprofit Work" and Yale was #1, so I decided then and there that SOM would be my top choice. My long-term dream job is to make impact investments on behalf of a grant-giving organization (think Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, etc.), so Yale's reputation in the nonprofit and impact spaces just made sense. Plus, since we're allowed to take electives in any other Yale schools, I can load up on as many School of the Environment classes as I like.

Contact Information (he/him/his)