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I’m planning to transition from operations into a finance career. Yale SOM is a great fit because of the strength of its finance faculty, and the Silver Scholar Program offers me the chance to get an MBA at a really early stage in my career.

Because I’d worked only in an internal, operations role, there were aspects of business that I’d never considered. Getting you to think about what the customer wants, or what society needs, as opposed to just what the company wants to produce is the real strength of the integrated curriculum. We learn how to look at problems from multiple viewpoints, so we get a more complete picture of a situation, and come up with better solutions.

Our curriculum is also grounded in the real world. Right from the start, in our raw cases, we’re studying higher-level, strategic decision-making, not just theoretically, but how it’s actually applied and plays out.

SOM is also a really international place. My classmates come from around the world. I’m from Germany.  A friend just founded EuroSOM, a club for European students and everyone interested in Europe. I’m the club’s admissions officer, so I’m helping recruit students from Europe. One thing I always tell prospective students is how incredibly supportive the SOM community is.

An outstanding example is that during my first year, a second-year student reached out to me when he learned I was transitioning into finance from a non-traditional background. He had worked in finance, and he said, “I’ll walk you through what’s out there and what you have to pay attention to.” Then we kept in touch all year to be sure I was fully prepared to make the move.

Interviewed on December 2, 2015.

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