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Before coming to Yale SOM, I worked at the environmental consulting firm ICF International. The projects that were most exciting to me involved private sector stakeholders and how to best mobilize private financing to address environmental challenges. I saw my career moving toward the intersection of business and the environment, but I needed stronger finance skills.

Yale SOM’s joint-degree program was a natural choice. The ability to take classes at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies was a huge plus, and the focus on building leaders who can work across sectors really spoke to me.

The integrated curriculum is extremely effective for people like me who want to learn about every aspect of business. You’re exposed to multiple perspectives and how they relate. Understanding your competitor’s perspective or how your CFO thinks about a problem helps you learn not only the tools of business, but how they’re applied.

During my internship at Facebook, my project focused on carbon reductions at the company’s data centers and offices. I was working on Facebook’s sustainability team but collaborating with the energy team, the facilities team, the marketing and communications team, and others. I needed to communicate with people across the company and understand the real business drivers for each group.

SOM has given me a tool set that helps me understand problems in ways I never expected. It’s exactly what I hoped to gain from business school.

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