Yale School of Management

Jennifer Peterson ’15

MBAPost-MBA Position: IBM

All of my Yale SOM experiences expanded my understanding of the interconnectedness of business.

I wanted a business school experience that would help me connect the dots between business functions and understand the stakeholder perspectives that tie it all together. Coming from a marketing background, I was familiar with customer and employee issues, but I’d never seen a financial statement.

SOM’s integrated curriculum was a great vehicle for me. I studied new perspectives in courses like Sourcing and Managing Funds, Investor, and Operations. I’d never considered, for example, how businesses actually move products out onto shelves and all that it entails. It really enriched my understanding of the issues my colleagues face.

Then I had the chance to see these functions in an international setting on my International Experience in India. Dean Jain was amazing in connecting us with opportunities. We gained insight into different types of business across the public, private, and government sectors. We were also able to partner with one of the Global Network for Advanced Management schools in Bangalore to learn about business education there.

All of these experiences expanded my understanding of the interconnectedness of businesses and their functions.  At the end of the day, a lot of the problems we will face aren’t just going to be marketing problems or operations problem or even finance problems. We need to come up with solutions that are amenable to all stakeholders and that provide a step forward for organizations as a whole, for their missions, and for their values.

Interviewed on May 6, 2015.

Jennifer Peterson

Post-MBA position: IBM

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