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Jackie Peszynski ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2024


Newburyport, MA


United States

Undergraduate Institution and Major

Northeastern University, Business Administration and Political Science

Pre-MBA Industry

Consulting, Analytics, tms, a HAVI company; Media & Entertainment, Operations, U.S. Soccer

Internship Organization

Retail, Analytics, Nike

Clubs and Affiliations

Data Analytics Club, Title IX Working Group, Retail Club, Women in Management, Media & Entertainment Club

Leadership Positions

Data Analytics Club, Co-President; Title IX Working Group at Yale SOM, Co-Chair

Tell us about your International Experience trip. Where did you go? What was your favorite experience?

During our 10-day trip to South Korea with Professor Sang Kim, we extensively explored the country's economy, culture, and success through companies like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai. We met with 11 organizations across diverse industries, including healthcare, media, and transportation, providing us with a diverse perspective on South Korea's business environment. We also gained a deeper understanding of the geopolitical challenges faced by South Korea due to its location in a heavily-armed region of the world and how it impacts the country's politics and economy. A highlight of our trip was our meetings with Hyundai Motor Group, where we gained valuable insights into their innovative initiatives in electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as autonomous driving. It was impressive to witness Hyundai's leadership in technological advancements in the automotive industry, reflecting South Korea's commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology for the future of mobility.

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