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Ibrahim Headshot

Ibrahim Mustafayev ’23


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2023


Baku, Azerbaijan



Undergraduate Institution and Major

Boston University, Questrom School of Business, Business Administration

Pre-MBA Industry

Government, Financial Regulation, Baku Stock Exchange

Internship Organization

Consulting, Strategy, Boston Consulting Group

Clubs and Affiliations

Food, Agribusiness and Beverage; Consulting Club; Internship Fund; Intramural Volleyball; Ski & Snowboard Club; Women In Management

Leadership Positions


What is your favorite class at Yale SOM? Briefly describe why.

MGT 526 - Market Failures and Economic Policy in Developing Countries. Dr. Kevin Donovan is brilliant, both as a person and as an instructor (and as a karaoke singer, allegedly). To me, this class is very personal, as I come to SOM from a developing country, in which I have worked with multiple government authorities to tackle market failures pertaining to the capital markets. Taking this class, I was able to expand my knowledge to other industries such as energy, healthcare and agriculture and market failures pertaining to them. We had a pleasure talking to guest speakers who founded and worked in enterprises across Africa, Asia, and Latin America with the primary goal of addressing market failures unique to each region. Most importantly, MGT-526 taught me how to develop an objective critique of economic problems of developing countries and come up with overarching solution (and policy) framework. I very much look forward to resorting to the material I learned in this class as I progress into my long-term career goal of economic development.

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