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Gursean Aujla ’22


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2022


United States

Undergraduate Institution and Major

University of Maryland, Finance and Information Systems

Graduate Institution and Major

University of Pennsylvania, Education Law and Policy

Pre-MBA Industry

Education, Teacher, Teach for America; Consulting, Consultant, Deloitte; EdTech, Strategy and Product, The Advisory Board Company

Internship Organization

Technology, Strategy, Riot Games

Clubs and Affiliations

Student Government, Graduate and Professional Student Senate, Technology Club, Yale Graduate Rugby, Private Equity/Venture Capital Club

Leadership Positions

Senator, Graduate and Professional Student Senate; VCIC Lead, Private Equity/Venture Capital Club

Why did you choose to attend Yale SOM?

I chose Yale SOM because of the opportunity to study beyond a traditional business lens, both through the integrated curriculum within SOM as well as through opportunities outside SOM at Yale. Business leaders need a holistic view of the world and Yale provides it.

Contact Information (he/him/his)