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Grania VanHerwarde ’22


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2022


United States

Undergraduate Institution and Major

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Management Engineering - Operations Management

Pre-MBA Industry

Consulting, Regulation & Financial Services, Promontory Financial Group

Internship Organization

Finance, Capital One

Clubs and Affiliations

Fintech Club, Women in Management, Wine Class, Ski & Snowboard Club, SOM Student Government, Reorientation Squad, Orientation Leader

Leadership Positions

Student Government, Vice President;  Green Cohort Rep; Wine Class TA; Captain, Ski & Snowboard Club

hy did you choose to attend Yale SOM?

I chose SOM because of the diverse, close-knit community and our traditions. I wanted a business school where I could find my own niche, but the broader community was united through its traditions. From the Yale-Harvard game to the SOM Hockey team to Wine Class to the Ski & Snowboard club, I found that these were what brought the incredibly diverse student body together from conversations that I had with various current students and alumni. We are a community of passionate students in our reflective fields as well, so in every conversation with a classmate I learn something new about their field, from the circular economy to military backgrounds.

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