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Felix Bening ’22


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2022



Undergraduate Institution and Major

University of Ghana, Business Administration (Accounting)

Pre-MBA Industry

Public Accounting, Accountant/Auditor, PwC

Internship Organization

Private Equity, Private Equity Summer Associate, North Castle Partners

Clubs and Affiliations

Africa Business and Society Club, Christian Fellowship, Private Equity/Venture Capital Club, Finance Club

Leadership Positions

Co-Chair and Budget Officer, Africa Business and Society Club; Co-Leader and Budget Officer, Christian Fellowship

Favorite Yale SOM Course

I chose Yale SOM for a couple of reasons. Yale SOM has a mission of educating leaders for business and society. In a world where business and society are becoming increasingly intertwined, it was necessary for me to pursue an MBA that was delibrate in shaping relevant and well-rounded leaders. Secondly, Yale SOM has a reputation for its close relationship with the broader Yale community. I knew I could take classes from Yale University and the entire Yale student and alumni network was open to me! Finally I'd say I chose Yale SOM because of the people. I found the people I spoke to, from Admission officers to students, to be incredibly genuine, thoughtful and helpful. It was extremely difficult to overlook these reasons. I came to Yale SOM and haven't regretted it!

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