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Eve Kordyback ’18

Eve Kordyback ’18


Post-MBA Position: Investment Banking Associate, Morgan Stanley

I wanted a business school that would give me both analytical and leadership training. From this perspective, SOM is unparalleled. The quantitative skills are covered, in depth, in class and through other opportunities, but it’s also a small school where you know your classmates and everyone has an opportunity to lead. There is something to be said for doing something incredibly challenging in a space where you feel comfortable. SOM’s mission is also aligned with my own values. Prior to SOM I had worked fairly extensively with a youth homeless shelter and as a mentor to young women through Women in Capital Markets. Mentoring is a big part of my day-to-day life, and I wanted to be in a school community that shared these values.

The finance community at SOM is special. Whether from the academic or recruiting perspective, it’s a unique experience. If you’re interested in taking a class on deals, or more quantitative classes, we have plenty that are markets- and trading-focused. I’ve taken electives in capital markets, corporate finance, and financial statement analysis. And then, of course, there are all the cross-listed classes we have at other Yale schools. I’m taking a class called Renewable Energy Project Finance, which is cross-listed with the forestry school. I’m building models every week and I’m learning from a practitioner who has both an environmental perspective as well as deep financial industry knowledge.

And then from a recruiting perspective, the small size of our classes and the way that our Finance Club functions is a huge advantage. As the president of the club, I’ve met every single student who’s been recruiting for finance. I know how everybody is doing, and I give them individual feedback on their process. We have a group of 10 directors who are all deeply involved in creating curriculum and in facilitating recruitment events. The buddy system here is very robust. 

One of the great things about coming to Yale is the alumni network. We have alumni in every major bank, and they’re really responsive when students reach out. They give you a sense of the firms in this very tangible way that helps inform your decisions about where you want to spend your summer and where you want to go post-SOM. I had come from a financial institution, so I had a pretty clear idea of the type of environment that I would be successful in, and the Yale network allowed me to carefully explore all the major investment banks.