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Ethnie Xu ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA/MARCH with Yale School of Architecture Class of 2024


Auckland, New Zealand and Beijing, China


New Zealand

Undergraduate Institution and Major

The University of Sydney, Bachelor of Design in Architecture

Pre-MBA Industry

Architecture & Construction, Robotic Startup

Internship Organization

Real Estate, Related Companies

Clubs and Affiliations

Real Estate Club, Design and Innovation Club, Consulting Club, Women in Management, TSAI City 

Leadership Positions

Leader, Design and Innovation Club; Vice President, Real Estate Club

Why did you choose to attend Yale SOM?

I chose Yale SOM for two main reasons: 1) The mission-driven purpose of the school. The curriculum and core classes are designed to open perspectives on the multi-dimensionality of different societies - including business, governance, social impact, innovation, etc. It has been a thought-provoking experience to hear my classmates' views on these different frameworks. 2) The community. The nurturing friendships I made here at SOM helped me to grow academically and spiritually. We are respectful of each other's differences and at the same time drawn to learning about them in creating a more understanding and inclusive environment.

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