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Ekin Basaran ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2024, Silver Scholars Program, Management Science Concentration


Istanbul, Turkey



Undergraduate Institution and Major

New York University (Abu Dhabi campus), Economics, Design, Computer Engineering

Internship Organization

June-December 2022: Food/Ingredient Technology, Associate Manager, Insights and Strategic Innovation, Motif FoodWorks January-June 2023: Consulting, Strategy Intern, BCG BrightHouse

Clubs and Affiliations

Marketing Club, Design & Innovation Club, Technology Club, Consulting Club

Leadership Positions

Marketing Club (Club Leader, 2021-2022) Design & Innovation Club (Co-president, 2023-2024)

Why did you choose to attend Yale SOM?

Yale SOM is the only business school I applied to. Personally, I was looking for a great match of a program and school with a purpose that resonated with me. SOM stood out to me for many reasons but mainly because 1. All students I talked with were pursuing diverse paths that felt authentic to them, and I was convinced that the MBA program structure gave them such access and the collective nature of the SOM student body motivated them to do so as well 2. As an international student and a recent college graduate the Silver Scholars program was so unique to unlock immediate access to recruiting opportunities in the US, and 3. Yale SOM’s specialized resources in behavioral science and marketing, such as Yale Center for Customer Insights (YCCI) and affiliated expert Fellows aligned with my professional curiosity to explore opportunities at the intersections of humane thinking, tech, and design. I was also very excited about the opportunity of taking classes from other schools, I was particularly interested in Arts and Law classes! And appreciated that SOM’s curriculum demanded international study exposure for all its students.

Contact Information (she/her/hers)

Where are you in your Silver Scholar experience? 

I'm currently away from SOM completing my full-time internship experience and will return for classes in Fall 2023