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Anurag Dash ’22


Student Ambassador


MBA Class of 2022



Undergraduate Institution and Major

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Electrical Engineering

Pre-MBA Industry

Consulting, Consultant, PwC; Nonprofit, General Administration, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences

Internship Organization

Financial Services, Internal Strategy, International Finance Corporation

Clubs and Affiliations

Social Impact Consulting Club, South Asia Club, Global Social Entrepreneurship

Leadership Positions

Co-Chair, South Asia Club

Favorite Yale SOM Course

Global Social Entrepreneurship (GSE). In GSE, I worked as a consultant for Brazil's leading social enterprise accelerator, Artemisia, to develop solutions for some of its organizational challenges. I love the class because I was working on a live problem in a new geography and using concepts that I had learnt in some of the core courses. It was extremely gratifying when some of my team's solutions were readily accepted and immediately implemented by the client.

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