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Akio Kato ’24


Student Ambassador


MBA/MPH with Yale School of Public Health Class of 2024


Tokyo, Japan



Undergraduate Institution and Major

Veterinary Medicine, Iwate University

Pre-MBA Industry

Government, Project Manager, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

Internship Organization

Consulting, Associate, McKinsey

Clubs and Affiliations

Consulting Club, Japan Club

Leadership Positions

Co-president, Japan Club

Why did you choose to attend Yale SOM?

The primary reason I am drawn to Yale SOM is its mission: Educating Leaders for Business and Society. Through interactions with current students and faculty members, I discovered that the mission is not merely a slogan but genuinely permeates the entire community. Everyone I spoke with took social problems to heart, no matter where they occurred. This culture deeply resonates with my passion. Having worked for the Japanese government for over six years, I have experienced various disruptive events caused by infectious diseases, such as Ebola, novel influenza, and, of course, COVID-19. To prevent future pandemics, I aimed to create a more significant social impact at the intersection of business, public health, and society. This goal led me to enroll in the innovative MBA/MPH dual degree program offered through the close collaboration between Yale SOM and Yale School of Public Health. I value the strong connection Yale SOM has with its parent university, which enables me to pursue my ambitious career!

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