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The Invisible Effect of Zoning on Store Formats

September 24, 2014
Cities are resurgent. On any given block in the heart of a lively downtown you might find restaurants, retail outlets, apartments, a public transportation terminal, and the classroom building of an urban university. Drive out to some mid-distance suburb and the results of your observation will be markedly different: a row of houses, perhaps; or a box store. What encourages so much variety in some locations rather than others? Continue reading “The Invisible Effect of Zoning on Store Formats”

IBM’s Erick Brethenoux on Getting Smart, Not Creepy, With Data

April 25, 2014
Erick Brethenoux is the Director of Business Analytics & Decision Management Strategy at IBM, an enviable position for anybody interested in the collection and application of data. He spoke with YCCI recently about the insights that companies can gain from a careful look at information, along with the personal insights he’s gained from the words of his dissertation adviser and his role as a parent. Continue reading “IBM’s Erick Brethenoux on Getting Smart, Not Creepy, With Data”

The Subtlety of Optimizing Sales

April 2, 2014
If a sales agent gets paid the same amount of money, does it really matter whether he gets paid quarterly or annually? Will different incentive schemes with a similar final payoff elicit different levels of performance?  Though logic says no, new research on sales compensation found that the design of incentive schemes does matter. Agents work harder under some salary structures than they will under others. The fact is that the way in which money is paid out motivates people in different ways. Continue reading “The Subtlety of Optimizing Sales”

Store Loyalty: What’s in Your Grocery Cart?

March 27, 2014
In grocery store aisles across the nation, a quiet battle has been taking place and tactfully changing the retail landscape. It’s a classic story of David and Goliath. Private label brands (or store brands) are starting to challenge the dominance of stronger, more esteemed national brands. Increasingly, retailers are deploying store brands to compete in their own aisles, reaping the benefits of higher margins as well as lower wholesale prices from manufacturers. However, the real winnings of war lie beyond immediate profit. The billion-dollar question is whether store brands are actually able to capture the loyalty of store customers. Continue reading “Store Loyalty: What’s in Your Grocery Cart?”