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TBC Alumni Interview: Hartford Schools Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez

September 10, 2020
This week, students in the Hartford Public Schools, one of the largest districts in Connecticut, returned to the classroom for the first time since March. We talked to Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez,  a 2018–19 fellow of The Broad Academy, about the challenges she has faced and the possibility of lasting change. Continue reading “TBC Alumni Interview: Hartford Schools Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez”

EMBA Students Reflect on the Seventh Women’s Leadership Symposium

By: Maria Stutsman y Marquez October 16, 2019

Three years ago, the MBA for Executives program began  to encourage alumnae, faculty, staff, and current students to nominate candidates to attend a day-long Women’s Leadership Symposium where they could engage with each other. During the symposium, the women learn more about the unique...

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Q&A: Facundo Garreton, Argentine Congress Member & Serial Entrepreneur

By: Belinda Lei December 4, 2017
Facundo Garreton

Facundo Garreton has always known one thing – success comes from believing in your dreams. This belief led him to where he is today: a Yale World Greenberg World Fellow, a member of the Argentine Congress, a founder of Latin America’s largest online brokerage, and the director of a social...

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Expanding Opportunities for Women in Business at the White House

By: Tiffany Gooden August 10, 2015
It was exciting to participate in this day-long plenary session and to discuss our collective commitment to increasing women’s access to graduate management programs and to preparing our students to succeed in diverse work environments by leading by example around issues of equity and inclusion within our respective organizations. At the Yale School of Management, our integrated core curriculum also helps in this preparation by challenging students to think broadly and to apply diverse perspectives to solving complex problems.  Continue reading “Expanding Opportunities for Women in Business at the White House”

A C-Level View of China

By: Jonathan Weisberg January 21, 2015
The subject under discussion at the CEO Summit on the morning of December 18, 2014, was one at the top of the agenda in c-suite offices and boardrooms around the world: what to make of China. In this case, the conversation included a former prime minister of Australia, investors with billions of dollars at stake in the country, heads of industrial companies building out Chinese infrastructure, and leading scholars. The result was a uniquely informed and in-depth dialog. Continue reading “A C-Level View of China”

The Value of Transgression

October 27, 2014
A few ways that Ross Martin has broken convention: while working for MTV, his team was the first to simulcast TV shows on the web and to go tapeless in 2004. Though he studied poetry in graduate school, on October 15th Martin became the EVP of Marketing Strategy and Engagement at Viacom. And he wore lime green Nikes with a dark jacket, dark slacks, and a periwinkle collared shirt when he spoke at Yale CCI’s Colloquium on Marketing Leadership. “I do get to wear sneakers at my job,” he noted. Continue reading “The Value of Transgression”